Giving Thanks Cornucopia Success UndressedIt’s always a great time to give thanks.

In fact, as we navigate through days filled with bad news and ill will clogging the airwaves and seeping into our gray matter, reminding ourselves to be thankful is a healthy exercise, for nudists and textiles alike.

I’m thankful for my loved ones, for my partner and our families and friends. I’m thankful for our children and our grandchildren and our pets. I’m thankful for our health and our home. For yesterday and today and tomorrow. For hope.

And I’m thankful for freedom and community and opportunity:


I’m thankful that we live in America. Yes, I acknowledge that freedom and what it means to be an American are ever-evolving things. The world doesn’t stand still. Targets move. Sometimes we take steps forward and sometimes we fall back. But we still enjoy freedoms in America that are the envy of much of the world. I am proud of that and thankful for it.

I’m thankful that, as nudists, we can enjoy body freedom. That we have the liberty to gather in appropriate places and shed our artificial skins. That in this land of the free and the home of the brave, we have the freedom to BE brave, to be nude, to feel the sun and the breeze free of artificial barriers. How many others, in America or around the world, truly feel so unencumbered and so free? We are a lucky group to have discovered and embraced the freedom of nudism. Be proud of that. Be thankful.


We do not make our life journeys alone. We are in this together. The groups and organizations – the communities – we choose say something about us, about our collective character, about our hopes and dreams and plans. We seek out others like us, we choose our friends and we pick our pathways. For nudists, our sense of community always makes things interesting, and I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful, too, for AANR, for our regional organizations, for our nudist resorts and clubs. What a gift these communities are for us, bringing us together with our many nudist friends. We are all different. We are all the same. What a blessing!


And I give thanks for being on the path to success undressed. I give thanks for the journey: the ups and the downs, the wins and the losses. These are our opportunities to learn, to do better the next time, and perhaps even to reach, to teach, and to touch others so we can make their success pathways just a little clearer.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you. I’m grateful that you take a few moments each month to let me be a part of your journey.

Till we meet in person (or by contacting me online here), be well, be happy, be free… and be thankful.


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